Supercharge Your Life With These 2 Powerful Questions

It’s easy to get caught up in the throes of everyday life and keep your head down, focusing on maximizing your productivity.

But that isn’t always the answer to accomplishing more.

Sometimes we need to take a step back and ask ourselves some questions that help us gain a new perspective, and move forward with even more momentum.

There is a rhythm, an ebb and flow that is observed in many areas of life:  financial markets, relationships, personal health, and the tide, to name a few.

We can apply this same concept of rhythm to our own lives in an intentional way.

When we do this, we can move even faster and more purposefully.

Think about an artist painting a mural.  Every once in a while they step away to gain a different perspective.  Decide where they need to add more detail.  Determine where they want to add more color.

So how do you do this?  By asking yourself these two powerful questions.

1. Where in my life do I need help?

Do you ever hesitate to ask for help, because you think you should be able to get it all done yourself?

Are you ever reluctant to ask for help because you think it’s a sign of weakness?  

It actually demonstrates strength, because it shows that you know yourself well enough to know your capacity and value your well-being.

And nobody ever said you need to go this alone.

It takes courage to ask for help, but it’s often necessary.

As you explore this idea, here are a few more specific questions to get you going:

Where do I feel like I just can’t get caught up?

What can I outsource? 

Are there tasks I can delegate?

What tasks do I need help with around the house?

Where do I need to say no more often?

When we identify where we need help and take steps to minimize the stress and overwhelm, we’re in a better frame of mind to reflect on this next life-changing question.

2. How can I show up and serve?

Showing up with a mindset of service changes everything.

It enhances your level of engagement.

It boosts feelings of fulfillment.

It fuels creativity.

It propels happiness.

We can approach any activity, any task with this mindset, and radically transform our perception and our experience.

Showing up with the spirit of service helps us view what we’re doing as a privilege rather than an obligation.

Our “I have to’s” turn into “I get to’s.”

When we show up with the spirit of serving, rather than working we bring a whole new energy to what we do.

The two questions we’ve discussed really do go hand in hand because we can’t show up and serve at the highest level unless we’re feeling energized and fulfilled, and connected to who we are.

So this week, set aside some time to reflect on these two questions.

And beyond this week, I’d encourage you to put a once-a-month “coffee date” on your calendar with the most important person in your life (YOU!!) and reflect on these two questions.  If you start doing this regularly, I’d be shocked if you didn’t begin experiencing massive shifts in your life.

I would love to help you do this. Grab a time here and we’ll get this party started.