Episode 103: Practicing Love and Compassion to Live Authentically – With Mike Schauch

Exciting guest Mike Schauch joins Pamela Savino. Mike is a mountaineer, entrepreneur, and amazing storyteller who has gone exploring worldwide. Those experiences gave him powerful insight into living with intentions that help you find happiness. 

Pamela opens the podcast by asking Mike the simple question; how do you live authentically? 

That question leads us down a path of insightful stories about Mike’s travels through the Himalayas. But also what he learned during that time. He describes the snowstorm that led him into a village where he encountered a little girl named Karma, who would transform his life.

While Pamela and Mike discuss what you can take away from the story, the podcast is led to the next question. How can somebody open themselves up and pay attention to the nuances that could change their life?

From that question, they spring into more stories and ideas that can help you and others find the true meaning in everyday life. Mike cites a discussion that he had earlier in life with a young monk about the real meaning of enlightenment in his opinion. The story highlights the monk’s belief that to achieve enlightenment, you must be able to truly live with love and compassion towards others. 

After more discussions about how you can practice vital love and compassion towards others, dealing with the expansion of your belief system, and so much more, we find ourselves with one last question. 

How do you find meaning and purpose in life through the setting of intentions? 

From Mike’s perspective, you’ll be able to grab onto a meaning that you didn’t have before. That meaning is what can guide you to happiness. As Mike says, through applying these intentions, you’ll find happiness because it doesn’t come from achieving one goal and stopping there. It’s the steady pursuit of intentions that will lead you to happiness. 

To sum up the meaning of this podcast, set intentions, pay attention to life and be open to the changes in your environment that can guide you to new places.