It’s Time To Run Your Own Life

On a scale of 1-10, how empowered do you feel?

Recently, one of my clients responded, “4”.

An entrepreneur in the finance industry, he makes investment decisions on his client’s behalf with ease all day long, but in his personal life, it’s a whole different ball game.

He’s a people pleaser and has put others’ needs before his own for decades.  When we first met, he had been taking a rather reactive approach to life.

And the effects of not being empowered were really starting to take a toll.

He was feeling exhausted, frustrated, and that no matter how much he did, it was never enough, never enough, never enough.

Sound familiar at all?

You see, when you’re truly empowered, you’re running your own life instead of letting it run you.

Now “running your life” doesn’t mean controlling the show.

It means learning how to take an active, deliberate role in co-creating your life (with the other creator being the universe, of course).

It means living connected to who you truly are and honoring yourself as your number one priority.

When you’re empowered, you decide what you want for you and then surrender to the universe to deliver what is in the highest good.

You may consider ideas or suggestions from other well-meaning people in your life.  However, it’s ultimately your right and responsibility to make choices for yourself and be unapologetic about it.  Remember, you came here to step into your fullest potential, and that’s never accomplished by satisfying others’ desires for you before your own.

3 Core Elements of Running Your Own Life

  • Knowing Yourself

Understand yourself, your psychology, your core values, what matters to you most, what makes you tick, what triggers you, what lights you up, and the list goes on.  The more you know about yourself, the more confident you’ll feel in running your own life.

  • Crystalizing Your Beliefs

Getting super clear on what beliefs you embody is essential.  Do your current beliefs serve you?  Are there any beliefs that are outdated or holding you back?  How do you develop a belief system that promotes empowerment?

  • Living in Allowing Mode

Learning to allow or attract means staying open and allowing in whatever is the highest good for you and FOR ALL.  Stay open to possibilities, and be open to receiving in new and surprising ways.

Authenticity and empowerment go hand in hand.  When we’re living squarely in the middle of our authentic truth, empowerment comes easily because honoring ourselves is the most natural choice.

When we live an empowered life, we experience less stress, more ease, and invite more possibilities and better opportunities than what we could have envisioned for ourselves.  We quickly realize that life isn’t as complicated as we’ve been making it.

My client has been enjoying many benefits of embracing empowerment, and I’d love for you to experience the benefits too.  Click here to chat.