How To Replace Waiting With Patience

We often associate patience and waiting together, but that isn’t entirely accurate. “What’s the difference?” you may be wondering.

Energetically speaking, everything.

In this message I’m going to show you how to shift from waiting into a state of patience.

Waiting for something comes from a place of lack and wanting, and fixating on the absence of it only creates resistance and actually increases the gap between where we are and what we desire. It fosters control, which based on personal experience, usually doesn’t work out too well! The more we want something, the more we may feel inclined to chase it, but that works against us because it casts a very desperate energy into the universe.

Patience comes from a place of trust. It comes from a place of full surrender. Patience says “I trust that the universe will deliver to me what is in my highest good, and that may or may not be congruent with what I want for myself.” Rather than clinging on to and waiting for what you want, trust that what is meant to be yours will be in accordance with divine timing. The Law of Attraction is always matching up like vibrations, and what is meant for you will be yours when you become an energetic match, if the Universe deems that is what is in your highest good.

Ideas To Shift to The Spirit of Patience

  • Embody the belief that the Universe always has your highest good at the forefront of its agenda.
  • Trust the universe and its wisdom, knowledge, and process. Practice fully surrendering.
  • Level the playing field. Take whatever it is that you are desiring off the pedestal. You are worthy and as valuable as your object of desire.
  • Focus on enriching your life physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Resist the urge to control that which you cannot control. Allow the universe to provide experiences that foster growth and transformation.
  • Detach from outcomes and time-frames. Attaching to outcomes is an ego-based control technique that is rooted in fear. Our souls want us to come from love and place our trust in the process.
  • Control your emotions. Our emotions are the key factor that dictate what we attract into our existence.

Speaking from personal experience, I find waiting to be incredibly draining and disempowering, and it misdirects my focus. Shifting into patience is so freeing because it takes the pressure off of feeling the need to control, and provides space for me to focus on enriching my life…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Remember that the shift doesn’t happen overnight, but you will reap the benefits from every little effort you make along the way.

Always believe that the best is yet to come!