Greater Depth of Our Next 3 Universal Laws

We are working our way through the laws of the universe and taking a closer look at how they help shape our lives.  

Last week, we covered the first three laws:

  • Law of Divine Oneness
  • Law of Vibration
  • Law of Correspondence

Did you uncover any new self-awareness? Did you have any aha moments?  Were you able to see how any of these laws play a role in your life?

This week, we are going into greater depth on three more laws:

  • Law of Attraction
  • Law of Inspired Action
  • Law of Compensation

It’s important to understand the laws, but we can take our lives to a whole new level when we take spiritually aligned action steps that support how we want to shape our lives.

4.) Law of Attraction

Last week, we talked about the law of vibration, which says that everything in our universe vibrates at a different frequency.  The law of attraction brings together things like vibrations.  The universe is playing the matching game all day, every day. It is constantly pairing things up according to the underlying vibration.

That is why it’s super important we pay close attention to what we’re putting out into the universe.  Life is an echo;  what you put out comes back to you.  If you put out positive thoughts, you’ll get positivity returned.  If you put out negative vibrations, you’ll attract more negativity.

That is why I talk so much about raising your vibration.  To get high vibes returned to us, we need to put out high vibes.  How do we do this?  Review the vibration raisers we went over last week.

This week, think about different periods of your life, from the most joyful to the most challenging.  

Have you ever felt stuck? Like you were in a rut?  Can you remember anything about your mindset during that time?  How were you describing your situation?  What words were you using?  Were you actively trying to get out of that dark place, or were you finding people to commiserate with you, keeping you stuck there longer?

What was a time in your life when you were feeling joyful, and things were going well for you? Again, think about your mindset.  How were you describing your situation?  What words were you using?  How would you describe your emotions?  Who were you surrounding yourself with?  What kinds of people were you attracting into your life?

Here are a few things you can do to make the law of attraction work for you:

  • Ask the universe for what you want
  • Believe that you are worthy
  • Choose your words carefully
  • Mind experience (I talk about this in my book SOAR)
  • Work on yourself
    Invest in yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.  That will raise your vibe!

These are just a few ideas to get you started.  Note that each of these areas can take a while, so remember to be patient with yourself.

5.) Law of Inspired Action

Ahhhh, the law of inspired action! I know I shouldn’t be picking favorites, but gotta say, this law is right up there at the top of the list for me.  Why? Because it feels like pure divinity.

This law calls us to set our intention and then go out and take action from a spiritually aligned place.  What does that mean?  To me, it means showing up and trusting.

Here’s an example.  Let’s say you want to be a famous musician.  You’re musically gifted and love playing your guitar.  Those are both foundational elements. But to elevate yourself into the publicly recognized space, you need to do something more. Staying home and playing your guitar isn’t going to get you where you want to be.  Playing at the same venues where you would normally play alone isn’t going to get you there.  You need to keep putting yourself in new territory, new circles, new arenas.  You need to keep reaching out to new people.  You need to keep showing up fully aligned with your mission, over and over and over again.

Sometimes the inspired action comes on suddenly.   Have you ever gotten that rush of excitement from a new idea?  A burst of creativity? But then what happens soon after the rush?  What creeps in?  Doubt.  Fears.  Hesitation.  Anxiety.  Apathy.

That thrill of excitement is pure divine inspiration.  I’ve acted from that place many times before, and that’s where the magic happens.  Sometimes you just have to strike while the iron’s hot and trust that you’ll figure it out along the way.  There have been many times in my life that I’ve decided to do something, and I had no idea what the next steps looked like. I just trusted that the universe would help me figure it out along the way.  It hasn’t failed me yet.  Living in this space of full surrender and trust allows us to experience the fullness and richness of life.

Next time you experience this, pay close attention.  That’s the universe talking to you.

What are you feeling motivated to do, and what spiritually aligned action steps can you take this week to get there?  What additional support systems do you need?  Extra help around the house?  Help with the family?  Do you need to scale back some of your commitments?  Do you need to ask for help?  Minimize stress?  Do you need to reach out to others?

6.) Law of Compensation

When we hear the word compensation, we often have images of money.  That’s not what this law is about, though.  It’s about energy and spirit.

Plain and simple, the law of compensation says that you’ll be rewarded for your efforts.  You reap what you sow.  You get what you give.   And the compensation can come to us in a variety of ways and on any timeframe.

I’ve talked about the importance of getting in the spirit of “serving.”  We can always strive to show up with a mindset of service in whatever we do.  Every day I ask myself, “How can I show up and serve my family? How can I show up and serve my clients?  How can I show up and serve humanity?” 

This week, think about what you are giving in all aspects of your life. And look at what you are getting – in any form.  Are you seeing a correlation between what you are giving and what you are getting?  Do you feel that the universe is rewarding you for what you’re doing?  What are you giving your time and energy to? What thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are you putting out there? What initiatives are you contributing to?

I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a deeper dive into these three laws of the universe. As always, I’m excited to hear how they’re working for you.

I am always here to serve and support you, so please reach out and let’s chat. The best investment you’ll ever make is the investment in yourself, so let’s get your journey started today.