Episode 65: Finding Your Depth with Brad Milford

Brad A. Milford’s journey began with a paper route when he was child. Through hard work, dedication and a willingness to learn from challenges and failures, he’s now the CEO of Build Brilliance — a company dedicated to providing exceptional consulting and coaching services to help businesses grow and thrive. 

Brad is here with us today to share some of the wisdom he has picked up over the years about finding and focusing on your depth rather than unimportant and superficial distractions from what’s truly significant in life.

Reconnecting With Who You Are

To live authentically, Brad believes that you must first know who you are and what values and principles you stand for. While that sounds easy enough, would you have an answer if someone were to ask you, “so, who are you?” 

Brad didn’t. When faced with that exact question, he found himself at a loss. That was the catalyst he needed to start changing his life. 

An avid reader, Brad immediately turned to books for an answer. While you can learn a lot from books, they lack an essential element: the human connection. 

So, Brad took a look at his support system and the social ecosystem he had created for himself. He started to curate it more carefully. He looked for mentorship, and he found it. Brad also sat down and thought about how to articulate his beliefs, principles and values. 

Now, Brad is committed to providing others with the support and guidance he lacked through his work as a professional consultant, speaker and mentor.

The Brilliance of Simplicity

Communication is a crucial part of connecting with both yourself and others. Unfortunately, what we’re trying to say is often lost beneath flowery language and jargon. 

Clear communication is necessary if you want to resonate with people. Make your message easily accessible and keep it simple.

It’s tempting to use complicated words to show that you’re an expert who knows what you’re talking about. However, the sign of true expertise is being able to explain anything to anyone, regardless of their current knowledge level. 

There’s brilliance in simplicity. You just have to find it. 

If what you hear on today’s episode resonates with you — and I think it will — you can connect with Brad via Facebook or LinkedIn. To learn more about Build Brilliance and take advantage of some of the phenomenal resources Brad has put together, check out the Build Brilliance website.