Episode 93: Work on your Inner Child with Michelle Chalfant

Our guest today is Michelle Chalfant. She is a therapist, holistic life coach, author, podcaster, motivational speaker, and creator of the Adult Chair, a transformational mode of self-realization that helps people across the globe discover who they are. She helps people to become who they truly are and to develop deep self-love.

One of Michelle’s missions and passions is to live authentically every day. She does her very best and strives to be present to speak up with clarity and with truth in her daily life. She spends time doing a lot of inner personal work so her outside life isn’t negatively affected by her inner life.

Michelle has always been a seeker. She has always been drawn to spirituality and energy medicine. She had a breakthrough when she was in her 20s and watching an episode of Oprah, when Dr. Phil was a guest and he told someone in the audience that she really had to “love herself.” “I remember thinking, but how do I do that?” says Michelle. This is when she decided to step into her true self and to learn more about who she really is.

Self-love is a lifestyle – there isn’t a manual. As women, we often put ourselves last,, and we are a mother, a wife, and a caretaker first and foremost. While those roles are part of who we are, we must tend to our inner selves as well, otherwise we will lose ourselves.

Michelle developed the Adult Chair, a lifestyle model that puts authenticity and self-love first. We often don’t know how to be emotionally healthy adults, and we need to learn how. We need to set boundaries, and we need to pay attention to what is going on inside of us. The foundation for healing is working with our inner child. So much wisdom is our inner children, along with our true emotions, and most of us don’t know what those are. We don’t know what our needs are, we are distracted, and we are void of our own needs when we are mothers and caretakers. True needs, and passions are going to come out when you reconnect with that part of yourself. Get to know yourself, and everything starts to change. Self-love isn’t a linear concept; it is a spiritual act.

As you grow, remember to tame that inner critic. Don’t let that voice keep you down. Hone in on that healthy adult voice that you have inside of you, the one that pushes you forward and never doubts you.

Connect with Michelle at theadultchair.com.