Episode 83: Energize Your World with Theresa Tirk (The Ritual Queen)

In this episode of Live Authentically, we hear from Theresa Tirk, AKA the Ritual Queen. Theresa is a Certified Aromatherapist and Spiritual Mom Coach who helps women awaken to their strengths through daily spiritual and self-care rituals.

It was Theresa’s own journey that brought her to this path of helping other women. Three years ago, she was in a dark place and couldn’t see her way out. Aromatherapy was the beginning of her healing, followed by the creation of daily rituals that brought her to a safer, healthier place. 

What came out of that experience for Theresa was the importance of knowing that she mattered and needed to make herself a priority. Theresa realized that everyone in her life benefits when she is at her best. Being at her best means being fulfilled, recharged and energized.

The Concept of Energy

Theresa shares that energy is everything. Energy is all around us, and it moves freely. We bring energy to every interaction, and it sets the tone for that interaction. It’s not realistic for us to think we have to be positive every single moment of every single day. But we must acknowledge when we’re not in a good place so we can work through it. This way, we don’t have to continue living in that negative space.

Finding Joy in the Ordinary

Theresa admits that it was 30 years of living silently, being what everyone else wanted her to be, that led her to a state of depression. All of her life she had been a people pleaser. That was how she functioned, giving little regard to her emotions or feelings. And one day, it all erupted.

It was finally taking time for herself, taking care of herself through daily rituals, that saved her. Now she’s able to find joy in the ordinary. To that end, she’s learned that being true to who she is, without worrying about what others think, is the key to her authenticity. She no longer seeks validation from others; she finds validation within herself.

In this episode, Theresa weighs in on how important it is to understand the role energy plays in your life and how it contributes to being authentic. She also shares five simple things you can do daily that are life-changers.

If you’re dealing with a lot, feeling lost or just overwhelmed with life and the demands put on you from day to day, you have to check out this talk with the Ritual Queen.

To learn more about the Ritual Queen, check out her social media here.