Episode 82: How Owen Hunt Lives An Authentic Life

In today’s podcast, we talk with Owen Hunt as he explains to us how he intersects his two worlds of comedy and spirituality. Not only has this impacted his life but has resulted in him living in a way that is true to himself. He begins explaining to us the significance of creating a flexible routine before starting your day and even during the day. 

Owen spends his mornings doing some gratitude practice as he lies in bed thinking of positive thoughts to reawaken his mind and body. Owen believes that alternating your morning routine is also essential. Instead of doing the same things every day, he switches it up from activities like reading and drawing to exercises like walking or running. He says that doing this gives him personal time for breathing or listening to music to help keep him grounded and less overwhelmed.

Owen then gives some insight into how he incorporates humor into his spiritual journey. He explains how he began having the two worlds completely separate when he first got into comedy. Owen gets into the aspect of comedy where he believes laughing and humor are great for minimizing stress. He views himself as more of a practical person. Owen has worked with many spiritual things and has come to realize that joking and finding the humor in this helps dissolve tension and minimize its influence over us. 

Robert Anton Wilson is one of Owen’s biggest influencers as he also uses humor in most of his work. He says that presenting his work the way he does makes it less of a judgment and stigma, and more of an exploration of questioning who they are. Inspired by Robert’s work, Owen discusses how he wants to inspire people to think with comedy instead of provoking the thought. 

Owen later gives us a look into his life of stand-up comedy and the challenges he faces, along with his different on-stage experiences. He then explains in-depth what keeps him going in life, and how failure only pushed him further to success. Owen Hunt is a producer, comedian, author and more! And in this podcast, we get to hear the authentic aspects of his life and successes. For more information about Owen Hunt, visit his website today.