Episode 81: The Strength in Our Authenticity with Murray Guest

Murray Guest has been an accredited Team Management Profile facilitator since 2007 and through that effort, he has helped hundreds of leaders and team members develop a greater understanding of their own strengths. He’s also a super-inspired guest on today’s podcast episode. Be inspired as we talk about life, in particular, being authentic, our strengths, and the gift of appreciation.

We Have to Take Stock in Who We Are

Murray shares that integrity is important in how we live. We need to be okay with who we are and even when we get things wrong. We’re all humans and make mistakes, but each day we must take the time to take stock in who we are by asking the important questions: Where could I have shown up more as my true self? How can I use my strengths more? What’s working for me? What’s not working? These are the types of questions we need to ask ourselves to always bring our authentic selves into what we do.

As a strength coach, Murray also weighs in on how our strengths play a part in our authenticity. When asked to define strength, Murray tells us that there’s power in knowing your strengths. When you’re at your best, and you have a natural flow about you that lights up, that is where your strength lies. Knowing how you can bring that into your every day helps you to be authentic. 

Gratitude Can Be Life-Changing 

Murray admits he loves to start his day off by lowering his level of gratitude. And by that, he means anyone can be grateful for the material things they have that may cost a lot. But just taking the time to appreciate the little things in life, like a cup of coffee. There’s appreciation in everything single thing associated with us, regardless of how small it is. And it plays a huge part in who we are. 

To that end, he shared how appreciation, gratitude and joy (the small things) changed his life over two years ago after a mountain bike accident left him just meters away from being paralyzed. The accident left him in a state of depression. But it was joy and gratitude that brought him back. Murray assures us that when we incorporate gratitude into our lives, it helps us to be our authentic selves.

Hear more about Murray’s journey and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way in this episode. You can visit his social platforms at https://www.instagram.com/murrayguest/ and https://www.linkedin.com/in/murrayguest/ to follow his work.