Episode 56: Connecting to Your Inner Warrior with Laura Di Franco

Everyone has the power to be a healing presence in someone’s life. Even just being present for someone can make all the difference. With 30 years of experience in spiritual healing, today’s guest, Laura Di Franco is here to show you how to listen to your own intuition and facilitate healing for yourself and others. 

Laura knew she wanted to be a healer, even as a teenager. With 17 published books under her belt, nine of those being Amazon best-sellers, Laura has made healing her life’s work through various modalities. She is a trained physical therapist, content marketer, business strategist and spiritual healer, among other things. 

Ask Yourself, What do YOU Want?

It’s a hard question to answer. Like many of us, Laura spent a lot of time doing what she thought she was supposed to do. She checked all the boxes on things that were supposed to make her happy, but they weren’t. Five years ago, she asked herself that hard question, “what do I want?”

A big catalyst for finding the answer was her divorce process. While these were rough times for her, Laura knew she wanted to set a better example of love for her children, which wasn’t being accomplished in her marriage. This transformative process led to her focusing more and more on her true purpose, bringing her into a more authentic space. 

Listening to Your Intuition

How did Laura get to a place of true authenticity? She says it’s all about listening to your intuition, which is easier said than done, of course. When asked how others can learn how to listen to their intuition, Laura had these words of wisdom: 

“The first step is to become grounded within your body. Sit in silence and concentrate on your breath. Take time to acknowledge how you’re feeling. Incorporate other mindfulness practices such as meditation or journaling. 

The next step is to practice gratitude. Even if you’re at rock bottom, find at least one thing to be grateful for. Something as simple as your breath is something to be grateful for.” 

Are you ready to start your healing journey? Laura has no shortage of resources available for you. Click here to see a list of her amazing books, including her guides to self-healing techniques that can be practiced at home. Join her Facebook group and connect with her on LinkedIn