Are You Ready to SOAR?

As you probably know by now, I published my debut book SOAR last year.  Over the last several months, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to people who have read it, and I am asked the same two questions over and over.  ”What is the best part of SOAR?”, and “How did I choose the title?”

The Best Part of SOAR

“SOAR is an A-Z manual for living your best life ever.”

To be honest, it’s really hard for me to choose the best part because every section serves a purpose in the broader story.  What I love hearing, though, is how different parts of the book resonated with people.  

Here is a stellar review that gives you a glimpse of the many topics in SOAR that will change your life:

“As someone who experienced the complicated emotions and ferocious grief that accompanies divorce, I was excited to read SOAR and hear the author’s personal experience of how she energetically navigated divorce and reinvented herself and her life post marriage.

I may have picked up SOAR because of divorce, but this book is so much more than a spiritual guide to the end of a marriage. SOAR is an A-Z manual for living your best life ever. No matter where you are right now, how disappointed you are, how much grief you’re carrying, or how hard you’ve been knocked down or chewed up by life. In fact, I would argue that the harder you’ve had it, the more SOAR applies to you. The author’s message is powerful, loving, and simple — energy is everything. Alignment is everything. And this is great news — that means your destiny is actually in your own hands.

Pamela’s writing style is comforting, conversational, and she doesn’t sugarcoat the reality of how what you’re feeling or going through sucks – but she always brings the narrative back to you. You have the power to transmute that fear (the stronger the fear, the more fuel for transformation there is). The author shares deeply personal stories from her own life and has been through her fair share of challenges – which makes her guidance around applying the laws of energy and alignment feel doable for the rest of us. Especially those of us who may struggle with even 10 minutes of meditation a week (OK, month). Pam wasn’t meditating on a rock when she learned how to apply these principles. She was going through life’s classroom, and that helps make SOAR’s message accessible to everyone.

Her tips for manifestation are easy to read, understand and apply. And when paired with her philosophy that self-love is a lifestyle (OMG that blew my mind!), you set the foundation for truly being able to create a life you love — with everything you have right now. Even (especially) the pain serves a purpose. Emotions are fuel for a new, more fulfilling foundation.

If you’re looking for a book that’s conversational, deeply personal, easy to apply (no matter where you are), and truly transformational – let SOAR change your life one sentence at a time.”

Here’s an excerpt from the book, straight out of SOAR:

“We all have a story, and this book is mine.  In it, I share my life experiences in an authentic way and demonstrate how I use spiritual universal truths to navigate my Earthly journey.  It is only through vulnerability and transparency that we unlock the doors to personal growth and transformation, and through that process, we discover our Higher Selves and step into our authentic realities.  Implicit in one’s willingness to enter vulnerable territory is the statement “I trust you.”  As I open my heart wide enough to share my story with you, it is my hope that it creates fertile ground for you to take a deep, introspective dive into who you are today as you simultaneously explore your own truth.”

Get Into the Energy of SOARing

Why did I choose the title SOAR?  I chose it based on energy.

Well, the story goes way back.  Rewind to 2003, when John Mayer released Bigger Than My Body.  Music has always spoken to me, but nothing spoke to me quite like this song.  The essence of it is woven into every fiber of my being.  Intertwined into my DNA.  The refrain is:

Someday I’ll fly

So damn much more

Someday I’ll soar

Someday I’ll be

‘Cause I’m bigger than my body

Gives me credit for

I played the song on repeat for years.  Why? For one simple reason: I liked how it made me feel.  I love the energy behind it.  I love the lofty feeling that it embodies. There’s a trajectory to it.  You’re surrendering to the winds.  You’re flying high.

I’m a firm believer that we can all get to a place of soaring.  There is no limit on the benevolence and abundance of the universe and when we learn to partner with the universe and co-create, we tap into our personal power and transform our realities from mediocre to mind-blowing.

Are you familiar with this song? If not, I encourage you to listen to it and pay close attention to how it makes you feel.

What song best represents you and moves you?  What song pushes you to do greater things, and what song moves you to your core?

Grab Your Copy Today

SOAR is available on Amazon, in paperback, audiobook, and kindle.  Need a new book to cozy up with by the fire?  Need a book to take on your next vacation?  Grab your copy today! 

I am so grateful you are part of my journey, and it truly is an honor to be with you on yours.  Continue to walk through life with an open mind and open heart, and let your soul lead the way.  I am here when you are ready to take the journey.  I know I can help get you to a place of SOARing.