Episode 36: Trauma Recovery and Spiritual Healing with Kelly Bramblett

Trauma and recovery are words that have different meanings for everyone. The road to recovery and self-healing is extremely personal no matter the circumstances. Spiritual healer, energy coach and author Kelly Bramblett offers insights into her own recovery process and how you can find happiness on today’s podcast. 

Kelly grew up in a strict, religious home. She was sexually abused multiple times at a young age and did not properly address her childhood trauma until much later. This trauma created a void in her, causing her to go on a downward spiral with alcohol addiction.

In 2016, Kelly realized that something had to change. She was on a dangerous path and quickly approaching a point of no return. She was overwhelmed with guilt over not being able to see her children and she was tired of relying on alcohol. She decided to start her road to recovery and has not looked back. During her recovery process, she found a new purpose in life. 

After recovering from the initial period of withdrawal and awareness of her untreated trauma, she start feeling better. Kelly’s path to recovery allowed her to replace her familiar crutch of alcohol with positive activities such as meditation and spiritual healing practices. She soon decided to turn those practices into a new career path. She is now a certified life coach, Reiki master teacher and Law of Attraction practitioner. 

She also specializes in shadow work coaching, trauma recovery and energy healing. In addition to her coaching, Kelly is also the author of Alchemy of the Phoenix, From the Ashes of Trauma to the Light of Love, which is now available on Amazon.  

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