Episode 31: Becoming the Midwife of Souls with Roberta Kelinson

Pregnancy is a difficult time for every woman. Your body goes through a multitude of changes and transitions. What if there was a way to relieve stress, keep yourself healthy and be surrounded by a supportive community of women who know exactly what you are going through?

Join Live Authentically host Pam Savino and prenatal yoga instructor Roberta Kelinson as they discuss the benefits of yoga and how it can aid women in their journey into motherhood. Roberta explains her personal journey to finding her true calling and how she became a prenatal yoga instructor. She also demonstrates the importance of breathwork and how it can help relieve stress and anxiety.

After 35 years as a public school teacher, Roberta was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis after having mobility issues. Traditional steroid treatments were wreaking havoc on her body so she decided to try yoga for joint pain relief. Luckily for her, yoga brought her more than just pain relief and gave her a guiding light towards her true path. She vowed to become a yoga instructor after her retirement from the school system.

After completing her instructor certification, Roberta began teaching yoga classes. She wanted to help people who wanted to try yoga for pain relief, so she started teaching classes for patients with severe health issues. This taught her how to modify poses and also become more patient and understanding. These practices eventually brought her to prenatal yoga. As a mother herself, Roberta knew the struggles that many women face during and after pregnancy and wanted to help. Through her classes, Roberta guides expectant mothers through guided yoga and breathing exercises to help them feel connected to their own bodies and their baby. This gave her the nickname, the Midwife of Souls.

Roberta also dives into the benefits of yoga and provides some words of wisdom when choosing the right yoga class. She guides host Pam Savino through a short breathing exercise to demonstrate her method of diaphragm breathing, also called “umbrella breathing” which serves to calm the mind and relieve stress. Her mantra with yoga is to release any judgments or expectations that you have for the day, listen to your body and focus on your breath.

Overall, Roberta’s mission is to empower women through fertility, pregnancy and postpartum through yoga and diaphragmatic breathing exercises. Her classes also serve as a safe place for women to have open discussions about pregnancy and motherhood.

Due to COVID-19, Roberta is teaching hybrid classes through Zoom and can be contacted through Facebook and Instagram.

For more information about Roberta’s classes, visit her website here.