Episode 30: Positive Actions & Intentions Lead To Sustainable Change with Kenneth Brady

Your past only defines your present if you choose to allow it to.

Have you had moments when you’ve felt like giving up? Perhaps you’ve felt that your current situation was holding you back from opening that next chapter of the book called life.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. You know why? Because there is someone, just like you, that’s walked through their own trenches and come out on the other side, ahead of where they ever envisioned themselves to be.

Kenneth Brady grew up in an environment where opportunity wasn’t exactly knocking on his front door. From a young age, Kenneth was exposed to things that could have completely ruined him, but instead, they fueled him. He had no choice but to choose positive and it was from that moment forward that he changed the trajectory of his life for good.

“Positive Minds Only LLC is a media company that promotes only a positive message, it’s about evolving, overcoming obstacles, and achieving goals, with a positive mindset.”

If you’ve ever wanted to wave the white flag and throw your hands up, don’t do it just yet. Stay positive and know that you have a community of people that can help you achieve your potential!

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