Episode 29: How To Use Plants To Empower You with Elysabeth Alfano

Have you ever thought about the things that make you feel energized and empowered? Is it money? Is it attention? Is it fancy houses or nice cars? Is it how people perceive you? Is it your social media likes and follows? Maybe it’s as simple as having “yard of the month,” which actually isn’t that simple.

There are thousands of things that make people “feel” that our cups are full, but are those “things” actually sustainable and healthy long term?

For 40 years, Elysabeth Alfano felt something just wasn’t right. She grew up in a household where something just felt off. She never felt “popular” and wasn’t part of the in crowd, yet she was developing a profound respect for herself and what she valued, against her families better judgement.

It only took decades, but “I now live in alignment with myself and my values,” Elysabeth shares, that it wasn’t until her nephew was recruited to play college football, that she fully embraced what that meant and was given the permission she desperately sought all the years prior.

“If you want to know an anti-aging hack and start the process of aging backwards, it’s through plant based living.”

Elysabeth Alfano finally lifted the weight from her shoulders that kept her from fully realizing her worth, and she now shares her story to help others realize their personal, mental, emotional and financial wellness through plant based living.

Elysabeth Alfano isn’t just any plant based advocate, she’s “vegconomist” that helps individuals and corporations globally to understand not only the physical benefits from plant based eating, but the financial benefits as well. She’s a celeb friendly podcaster, a wellness coach, speaker, and investor. If you want to know more about Elysabeth you can check out her website by clicking here.

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