Episode 25: Hitting Rock Bottom Saved Me with Elizabeth Long

Everyone handles pain differently and we all have experienced various levels of its severity. Pain doesn’t discriminate. There isn’t a right or wrong way to manage pain, specifically the kind that is a result from the loss of a loved one.

Eight years ago, Elizabeth was headed to her sisters, but had a strong “feeling” that something wasn’t right. She knew she shouldn’t leave her fiance, Michael, but he insisted that she go enjoy her time away. It was in that moment that Elizabeth realized that would be the last time she would ever physically see Michael again.

It wasn’t until experiencing the loss of her life partner, Michael, that she was able to completely surrender herself and begin a life of abundance, courage, and authenticity. “I would not recommend the steps I took to embrace authenticity because I got here through drinking. It wasn’t until I got sober that I was able to take my first step into the undoing and unlearning all of what I had been conditioned to become.” 

Each journey is different. Each person and experience is even more different. What we begin to think and take action toward becomes our new reality. We manifest ourselves and our lives through thoughts, actions and patterns. Self discovery and affirmation doesn’t have anything to do with external validation. It has everything to do with coming from a place of love, kindness, and authenticity. “If it’s pure — it’s authentic.”

Recovery is never easy, but it’s completely fulfilling and rewarding when you come out on the other side.  It’s during this process you start to recognize those that are going to help push you through the good times and bad, versus those that are just along for the ride. When you meet your one, you just know it. You can feel it throughout your whole body. It’s like a surge of positive, energetic connectivity that bonds you to another person. Even though that person may no longer physically be here with us, there is still that spiritual connection and energy you can sense that makes you feel safe, and whole.

If you have ever felt, or are feeling as though you are living in a grey fog, know you are not alone.  “Know you are loved. You are safe. You are whole. Don’t operate from a place of scarcity, lack of love and limitation. You get to decide how you look at and receive the many ups and downs.”

Join Pamela Savino on Tuesday, July 27st, 2020 for the Live Authentically Podcast series, where she speaks with one of the most real and raw women alive, Elizabeth Long, about her journey through the sudden loss of her life partner, and how she’s transformed that pain into a deep rooted spiritual awakening of her mind, body, and soul.