Episode 15: Shift Your Perspective Using the Intuitive Mind with Victoria Baylor

Victoria Baylor, a number one Amazon best selling author, coach, and teacher knew early on that she wanted to use her unique gifts to empower women throughout the world. Little did she know, her journey actually began at the age of eight when her fascination with oceanography turned into a deep rooted obsession with understanding what is going on beneath the surface.

As an Intuitive Mindset Coach, Victoria’s main objective is to work with women to identify and begin to capitalize on their “authentic self” while encouraging ways to enable these living gifts with ease and flow. “We all need soul touches, which means letting the masks go and beginning to connect truthfully, which leads to self acceptance.”

Reframing experiences takes time, effort, and deep digging into the core of who we are and what we want, in order to become rooted in gratitude and love.

If you are feeling stuck or finding that you just aren’t able to get the answers you desperately desire for your life purpose, check out this week’s podcast. We will discuss how to accept your life lessons, open your heart and mind in humility, and how sharing your life experiences is part of becoming the servant leader you were born to become.