Vino with Pam Savino

Hey there! I’m Pam.

I’ve made so many new connections recently and thought I’d do a little “get to know you” piece, so you know a little more about me and what I do.

First off, I so appreciate you taking the time to be here.  Who you spend your time with is a choice, and I’m so happy you stopped by for some vino 🙂  Virtual anyways, but I would also love to meet for a glass in person.

So, where to start?

I’m in love. With life.

Family, friends, food, and fun are at the center of my world, and fuel everything else that I do.  I’ve found that when I fill myself up first with the things I love, there are no limitations.

I have four kids – two girls and two boys, as a symmetry-obsessed Virgo would have it.  My girls are bookends – 18 and 11, and the two rough and tumble partners in crime are in the middle, at 15, and 14.  They’re all fantastic and never fight, and our house is always clean.  Ha.  A girl can dream.

They’re such a fun crew.   We all have a pretty edgy, call-it-like-is sense of humor, so you gotta be able to hold your own when you visit.  I tell them we could totally be on a reality show; they remind me that we’re not as funny as I think we are.

Before becoming a mom, I spent a decade in Corporate America as a pension actuary for Fortune 100 companies – United Airlines, Kraft Foods, BANK ONE (pre-JP Morgan days for all you old-schoolers), Exelon, Robert Bosch, and Caterpillar were my clients.  I did a lot of merger and acquisitions work and asset/liability modeling back in the day.  Despite that, somehow I can barely help my kids with this new way they teach math now 🙂

Throughout my career, I worked alongside high-level execs in a variety of different roles – people management, project management, and client relationship management to name a few.  A lot of variety, with a capital V.  My scariest moment was when my boss asked me to come with him to a meeting with Jamie Dimon (the ink was barely dry on my college diploma).  I felt the fear and did it anyway. 

Music is a big piece of who I am. I have played the piano since I was 5, and I love challenging myself to play songs by ear.  I’m currently having a blast playing the soundtrack from Top Gun Maverick, and can often be found tickling the ivories between my calls for a quick hit of creativity.

My favorite room in my house is the kitchen.  I love to cozy up to my island with a cup of tea, write content or whip up some new plant-based meals.  Sometimes we blast music and it’s where the cooking show meets music video. 

I love to travel, and spontaneous travel is my fave.  Speaking of, I’m leaving for Italy today with my oldest.  Life’s short;  book the trip.

From the outside it may look like my life is pretty darn perfect, but the reality is that there are many lessons of love and loss in my story.  I still experience doubt, fear, and insecurity just like you may sometimes, and I welcome all of it.  The joy really is in the journey.

I believe that all of our experiences make us who we are, and I wouldn’t change any part of my story.  It’s not about what happens to us; rather it’s about how we learn from what happens to us, that matters most.  It is that belief that gave rise to my business, Live Authentically.

Truth be told it doesn’t even feel like a business; it feels like a spiritual calling.  It’s an honor and a privilege that I get to get up every day and push great leaders to do great things.

It’s where old-school values meet new-age thinking, and where high-level executives come for help navigating their complex lives, in and out of the office.

Now that you know a little more about me, I’d love to learn more about YOU.  If we haven’t had a call, and even if we have, I’d love to get one on the books.  Let’s schedule one today!

Oh, and I looooove meeting new people.  Quick favor to ask – will you please forward this to someone who you think I should know?  I would so appreciate it.