How to Boost Your Memory In Business

How do you feel like you’re doing in the memory department?  

A good memory is something that will give you a leading edge in business, and in life.

Good news is that wherever you are, memory skills are like any other skill – when practiced and paired with a healthy lifestyle, you can enhance your memory.

A good memory is one of your most valuable assets in business.  Regardless of the industry you’re in, relationships are the currency, and memory goes a long way in building relationships.  If you can remember important little details about people and their lives, that will help differentiate you, and make you someone people want to know, like and trust.

I had to smile when I got this heartfelt testimonial from Charlene – the part where she says “she is an extremely good listener and either has a great memory or takes perfect notes because nothing ever gets said that passes by her.”

I sat down and thought about Charlene’s observation, and while I never formally worked on improving my memory, there are parts of my lifestyle that have played a huge role in enhancing my memory.

Here are 4 practical ways to start boosting your memory today:

  1. Be fully present.  Our ability to retain information plummets when we’re distracted.  Lock your attention in on whatever it is you’re doing, and resist the urge to let your mind wander.
  2. Use mnemonics.  Come up with fun little ways and systems to remember things, like taking the first letter of each word in a list and coming up with a phrase. 
  3. Incorporate more than one sense.  For example, when you hear something, visualize it too.  Or when you’re reading something, take notes manually.  Or recite aloud.
  4. Live a healthy lifestyle – getting good sleep, a healthy diet, and low stress levels provide the right atmosphere for optimizing your memory skills.

Working on your memory is so worth the investment.  Plus, you can have a little fun with it.  Then you have space for random fun facts like how many seconds there are in the day, so when somebody tells you they didn’t have time to text you back you can whip out that there are 86,400 seconds in the day 🙂 

I’d love to give you more personalized ideas for improving your memory, or help you with anything else.  Grab a time here and we’ll chat.