Episode 85: Reaching Abundance and Wealth in Life and Business with Rocky Lalvani

In today’s podcast of living authentically, I talk with the financial expert Rocky Lalvani about how he finds wealth and abundance in both business and life. When it comes to living authentically, he notices that most people today haven’t even defined their own authenticity. Rocky explains how it’s crucial to first define who you are and what you want from life, then live in alignment with that. 

We then go into the significance of creating a life plan in order to live an authentic life. In Rocky’s simple life plan, he starts with a eulogy and comes to terms with how he wants the world to view him. He then works backwards from there for every single part of his life, and defines what that looks like. He states that defining what you want and knowing it makes it easier to live an authentic life. 

Later in this podcast Rocky provides two quick and simple tips we can do to begin our path of living an authentic life. He recommends us very helpful books that can inspire and support us in creating a life plan. One of Rocky’s key advices, “defining what you don’t want closes the box on what you do want”, sets the tone for the importance of having a target. He believes that without one, you can become way too distracted. 

Life is simple and not as complex as we all may believe it to be. Rocky believes that with simple universal truths, it can all work out fine. He gives us some valuable tips on money in terms of expenses, making a profit and pricing as an entrepreneur. He talks about valuing yourself and being confident in how much your service or product is worth. Taking one step at a time while building your value little by little is key to having a successful business. 

We then get into the several ways you can differentiate yourself in business. One of his tips is discovering what your unique skills are then matching that with what the market wants, needs and is willing to pay for. As we begin to close in on this podcast Rocky shares some valuable business advice that can help you grow as an individual and even an entrepreneur. To hear us go further in depth with the abundance and authenticity of life, listen to this podcast today!