Episode 84: Living the Life and Loving the Journey with David Wood

In today’s podcast, I talk with coach and speaker David Wood about his authentic life and how he lives it. He first starts with the importance of honesty and expressing your feelings. He says that being true to himself and others, while expressing his true self is how he lives authentically. He then gives some insight into a scenario where he had to use honesty. He feels that despite the risk and consequences honesty may come with, it’s all worth it for the peace of mind and body. 

He shares with us his job and how it lead to him discovering personal growth and authenticity, which then led to him leaving his job to go into coaching. He was very excited about what he had discovered and how he could change someone’s life overnight just by coaching them. He explains how the first half of his life was all about numbers, systems and business, and the second half was a deep dive into emotional intimacy, vulnerability, leadership and influence. 

He had to bring those two worlds together and work with people on numbers as well as their life, which brought him to his business, Focus.ceo. He makes sure his clients are living a life they are fully proud of so that in the future they can look back with no regrets, knowing they gave it their everything. To begin that process of helping people awaken to the idea that there’s more to reality than constant perfection every day, he has them accomplish two steps. 

He feels the first step is to accept that we’re conditioned. He believes that we’re conditioned with the need to doing all the work alone and overworking ourselves in the process. The second is to become committed to living outside your condition. With this, you will live differently from everyone else. 

Later in the podcast, we briefly touch on the topic of the subconscious and how the majority of our lives are run by them. We then get a deeper look into David Wood’s work as he shares with us one of the things he loves most about coaching, and one of the most challenging aspects of it. David Wood lives his life authentically in such a way that you’ll want to hear more and learn from it in this podcast today. Listen now!