Episode 63: Elevate Your Consciousness with Sam Liebowitz

Today’s guest, Sam Liebowitz, is a healer, coach, mentor and author of Amazon three-category best-seller, “Everyday Awakening”. Liebowitz’s goal in life is to help people achieve their true potential spiritually as well in the business world. 

Liebowitz does many things to help out other people. He has an internet radio station on TalkRadio.NYC for which he talks to many people from all walks of life to help inspire and uplift his listeners. He also has done a course called “Monetization Class for Podcast” to help other people interested in podcasts. Plus, he has additional classes in the works right now. In today’s podcast, he helps us elevate our consciousness.

Expanding Your Energies

We always have energy spreading and interconnecting with all living things. To expand our energies positively, we must be non-judgmental, connect with others and be true to ourselves. “Life happens to us, not for us.” We cannot stay stuck on judging others for what they do and say. Once we focus on these energies, we can continue to spiritually expand and help others around us. 

Finding Peace in the World’s Chaos

The world is a hectic and chaotic place. Sometimes during all this chaos, it can be difficult to find the peace we need. Liebowitz explains that to have peace you must have daily practices like meditation, exercise, deep breathing and self-care. The more we take care of ourselves, the more life will take care of us. 

For the world to have peace, everyone must do their own personal work. If you see violence, then there is violence in you. Since we are energy-rich organisms, the light we produce sends messages all around the world. Therefore, if you see violence, your violent energy will globally spread, even if you are not causing harm. To stop this, clear your consciousness of these violent thoughts. 

Making Sense of the Act of Destruction

In a civilization where school shootings, terrorist attacks, war and other destructive events occur, destruction is a concept that many people know and understand. With so many negative things happening around us, it can be hard to handle. Liebowitz explains that this chaos is an expression of pain. “Happy people do not kill other people.” 

We need to acknowledge this pain and know to alleviate it. However, our society does not always do this because it has a mindset of being separate and distinct. To truly have peace, we must understand how interconnected we are with each other. To hear more from Sam Liebowitz, head over to his radio station. You can also read his new book for spiritual messages to help you get through different aspects of life. Right now, he is accepting students for his radical non-attachment class in May. Sign-up for the class today.