Episode 62: Knowing and Pursuing Your Potential with David Meltzer

Look around you. Are you happy? That’s a big question, so let’s rephrase it. Do you have the
tools that will empower you to become happy? You might, but you might not. Today’s guest is
David Meltzer. He’s an internationally bestselling author, host of “The Playbook” podcast and
co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing. Variety named him their “Sports Humanitarian of the Year,”
and he’s here today to talk about how to know and pursue your full potential without sacrificing
your happiness.

David’s rags to riches to rags and then back to riches story is enough to give anyone reading his
bio whiplash. From the financial and emotional rollercoaster that consumed his life for years,
David was able to extract four foundational ideas for living a better, happier life: gratitude,
forgiveness, accountability and inspiration. He still applies these concepts today.

Separating Emotion From Ego

How many times have you attached your happiness to material achievements? Many of us have
told ourselves that we’ll be happy just as soon as we get a raise, a promotion, a new car, a new
job or a nicer house. The truth of the matter is that money can’t buy happiness. As soon as you
meet one material goal, another pops up. You’re always striving and never succeeding enough
to satisfy your ego.

That’s where David’s four cornerstones come into play. Take a moment to breathe and be
grateful for what you have. Forgive yourself for not meeting impossible goals or when you notice
ego driving your actions, but hold yourself accountable. Finally, look for inspiration in everything
you do. The guidance you need is often already there if you can see it.

Be What You Can Be

All any of us can do is what we’re capable of doing. While it may seem obvious, living by those
words is more complicated than you might think. Evaluate your life and what you want out of it,
then decide if your goals are realistic. Adjust them accordingly. Think about the legacy you want
to leave. For David, that means kindness.

If you feel stuck, don’t give up. You’re not stalling out. You’ve outgrown where you’re at. You’ll
inevitably make mistakes. We all do. Rather than viewing them as failures and beating yourself
up over them, learn. Mistakes aren’t a sign that you should give up. They’re telling you to

If anything David says today speaks to you, you can learn more about his work by visiting his
website. You’ll find a lot of great resources there, including a free weekly training seminar.