Episode 61: How To Do Well By Doing Good With Amanda Brinkman

Welcome to another edition of the “Live Authentically” podcast. Today’s guest is the inspirational and innovative Amanda Brinkman, a longtime professional creative who brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to her keynote events. “Marketing for good” is her mantra, and her events are a master class on the subject. Above all else, Amanda believes in “Doing Well By Doing Good”, and she lives those values every day.

Brinkman On Living Authentically

In this episode, our own Pam Savnio is discussing living authentically from Amanda Brinkman’s perspective. Doing the most good wherever you are has always been a priority in Brinkman’s life. However, it didn’t become a professional way of life until her college years. She and Pam talk at some length about how the mentoring of a college professor led to her adoption of her values. Brinkman firmly believes we exist and live to better the lives of everyone around us.

Motivation and Perspective

For Amanda Brinkman, every person we meet is an opportunity for us to serve and uplift another human being. Servant leadership is a core value for both Pam and Amanda, and they go on to illustrate its importance through personal examples. Brinkman also gives us details about “Doing Well By Doing Good” at multiple enterprises in vastly different business sectors. Her rules and principles for personal and professional life are clearly evident in every endeavor, and she fully attributes her success to them.

We hope you enjoy today’s episode as you gain insight from Amanda’s personal mantras and core values. As always, follow our podcast for new insights each week, and don’t forget to like and share episodes that speak to you. We would also love to hear from you about what impacted you most during today’s podcast, so feel free to contact us or leave a comment.

If you are interested in learning more about Amanda Brinkman and her system for success, check out her social media profile below. She is present on most platforms, but she primarily uses Instagram for networking and communication. Until the next episode, thanks for listening, and we hope to see you soon.

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