Episode 60: Speaking Your Truth with Lindsay Banks

Our guest today is author, truth-seeker and intuitive mentor, Lindsay Banks. She helps guide star seeds and lightworkers toward an awareness of their unique skills, and right now, she’s here to offer us her expert advice on finding and speaking our own truths. 

Turning Toward Truth

When she was 36 years old, Lindsay lost one of her best friends to cancer. She recalls sobbing and realizing that she was genuinely allowing herself to feel her emotions for the first time in a long time. Without even noticing, she had been setting aside her feelings and making herself small, convenient and numb to her wants and needs. 

After her friend’s tragic death, Lindsay began to be more open about her feelings and true to herself. She divorced her husband and set out on her own, determined to live an authentic life.

It wasn’t easy. Many people, women especially, are conditioned to put others’ comfort ahead of their own emotional and physical wellness. At first, Lindsay found herself constantly worrying about what others would think. Over time, however, she began setting boundaries and sticking with them. She knew that the people who respected her truth and had a place in her life would respect her boundaries. 

Giving Yourself Grace

Many of us feel an overwhelming sense of pressure to keep saying “yes”. It’s part of being a people-pleaser and a perfectionist. But, you are under no obligation to give and give until there’s no time or energy left for yourself. At first, you might feel guilty for making space for yourself, which complicates your journey toward authenticity.

It can be a challenge to differentiate between guilt and intuition. They’re both pushing us toward actions and feelings, and the voice of guilt is often much louder than the voice of intuition. So, how can you tell the difference between the two?

According to Lindsay, eliminate the word “should” from your vocabulary. Guilt tells us what we should be doing. Intuition tells us the right thing to do. Focus on operating organically. Tap into your feelings and give yourself the space you need. 

When you give yourself the grace to feel and act the way you need to, you’re often better able to serve others because when you’re there for them, you’re there for them 100% of the way. Everyone benefits. 

To learn more about how Lindsay empowers others to speak their truths, you can check out one of her books, find her on Facebook or view the phenomenal content on her YouTube channel.