Episode 44: Healing the Spiritually Sick Soul with Dan Reeves

Recovery from addiction is a difficult journey no matter the circumstances. Not only does addiction impact the person suffering from it, but also those around them. What many do not realize is that trauma and addiction affect more than your physical self, but also your spiritual self. Today’s podcast guest, Dan Reeves, discusses how his spiritually sick soul was able to get himself on a path to recovery and how he is helping others to do the same. 

Dan Reeves suffered from alcohol and drug addiction for over 20 years. Growing up, he never felt like he fit in anywhere. He found himself constantly morphing into what others wanted him to be, which led to his introduction to alcohol and drug abuse. 

Dan started abusing drugs and drinking as a teenager. He got his first DUI at 16 and was kicked off his high school basketball team due to drug abuse. The next 20 years of his life would be riddled with addiction, depression and legal issues. 

While maintaining the persona of a happy husband and father, Dan was in the depths of alcoholism. He drank himself into oblivion every night, to the point where the alcohol did nothing to him. His tolerance for alcohol led him to start taking opiates. His opiate addiction led him to steal pills from doctors, friends, family and neighbors. He was eventually arrested after breaking into a neighbor’s house and was told he could face 6-to-20 years in prison. 

It was around this time that Dan started going to AA meetings. While rough at first, Dan finally started opening up to the group and was overwhelmed by the sense of hope and love the group showed him. He found an amazing sponsor who helped him get on the right track. Dan did not have to go to prison and was able to serve his time through in-home incarceration. 

With years of AA meetings and sobriety under his belt, Dan wanted to help others recover, too. He is now the host of the “Spiritual Underground” podcast, where he talks about how recovery is a spiritual journey that is personal to everyone. Dan also works with Twelve Step Spiritual Recovery (TSSR) based on the book by James Christopher Cone, which aims to help those who want to better themselves even if they do not have a specific addiction. 

TSSR takes the framework of a traditional 12-step program and applies it to anyone who wants to make positive changes in their lives. Dan describes his 12-step program as a spiritual awakening and wants to help others do the same. TSSR meetings are now being conducted via Zoom. See more updates on TSSR on their website

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