Episode 33: Aligning Your Own Reality with Sarah Flynn

What does it mean to be aligned with your true self? What is spiritual growth and how can it help you learn more about yourself? Transformation and spiritual growth coach, Sarah Flynn is here to discuss her journey to true alignment and how she can help you feel empowered and true to yourself. 

Prior to her spiritual journey, Sarah was living life in a fear-based mindset. Every decision was based on logic. She was afraid to think outside the box and try something new. As she approached 30, she realized that there was so much she had yet to accomplish. Although she had stability in her life, there was something missing. Sarah realized that she was not living life for herself and was blocking out everything that did not make logical sense. 

As if the universe was hearing her, she stumbled upon the best-selling book, Light is the New Black, by Rebecca Campbell. Campbell explains in her book how to transition into a faith-based mindset and be open to spirituality. The book changed Sarah’s perspective on many things and allowed her to develop the spiritual practices that she still uses daily. 

As she gained confidence in herself and opened her mind to accepting spiritual guidance, Sarah quit her job as a building surveyor and ended her relationship. She also decided to cut out any negative influences in her life. As she became more aligned with her true self, she wanted to help other women do the same. 

Sarah now works with clients on-on-one or in groups on spiritual growth and personal transformation. She offers business coaching for female entrepreneurs, group coaching with her Savvy Soul Academy, and spiritual retreats. She serves to empower women to be one with their true realities. 

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