Episode 32: Fitness Marketing Mastery with Debra Atkinson

Would you like to start an exercise program, but don’t know where to start? Do you feel intimidated by traditional fitness guidelines? Are you a fitness leader that hates marketing and sales? Fitness marketing expert, Debra Atkinson may have the answers you’re looking for on today’s podcast.

Growing up, Debra was used to being around the older generation. She was raised by older parents who exposed her to their culture, music and ideas. Her parents instilled in her the importance of transparency and vulnerability at a young age, which would help her later on.

Debra has an extensive background in the fitness industry, earning a Master’s degree from Iowa State University in Exercise Science and Exercise & Sports Psychology. She also taught lectures to Kinesiology majors, helping them learn techniques to succeed in the fitness industry. After years of lecturing, Debra decided to make a change in her life.

At 49, Debra decided to quit her job and become an entrepreneur. She noticed a disconnect in the fitness industry between trainers and clients and decided to help bridge the gap. She found that traditional health advice didn’t always apply to women over 50. She started Flipping Fifty to empower women through personalized fitness plans. As a sales and marketing expert, she helps trainers and coaches market themselves to clients.

Starting a business came with many challenges for Debra. During the first year of starting Flipping Fifty, she was forced to sell her home, send her children off to college and move in with her niece. She was reminded of the importance of transparency and the importance of asking for help. These experiences also taught her a lot about stress, wellness and aging, allowing her to relate to her clients.

With Flipping Fifty, Debra offers services in fitness training, speaking, wellness coaching, stress management, energy management and personal development. She teaches sales and marketing techniques through Fitness Marketing Mastery, a guide to help fitness leaders grow their brand style. She helps thousands of women feel empowered and works with clients through virtual programs, Flipping Fifty TV, motivational guides and more.

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