Episode 27: Intentions Without Reinvention with Kelly Barron

Have you ever observed someone’s behavior and thought to yourself, “Wow! What’s gotten into that person. Why are they so happy or calm? They seem to have it together.”

I’m sure you’ve been there at some point in your life. Maybe you were the person others observed, or perhaps you observed someone else. It’s natural to notice others’ patterns, behaviors, actions and reactions to events in life. They say a smile is contagious, which is true.The energy you put out into the world affects those around you.

Kelly Barron, a meditation practitioner, teacher, writer and coach spent years developing her meditation practice and skills. This was not only for her own benefit, but for those around her too. Having grown up an athlete and still involved as an aging athlete, she recognized early into her hobby that meditation, exercise and intentional focus were essential to her overall well-being.

“Let your daily intentions serve as your guidance,” Kelly said in her interview with Pam. One of the best ways Kelly found to align herself, her thoughts, actions, behaviors and mindfulness is through intentions. Each morning, Kelly dedicates time to focus inward by writing, reading, feeling, seeing and experiencing the life around her. She attunes to those early morning moments. She accepts them and then lets them pass by in preparation for each day.

People awake to their journey at different points in their lives. Regardless of age, you don’t have to reinvent yourself, but rather, reframe how you think about yourself and others. These simple practices of mindfulness and kindness creates huge shifts in your life. Although it may not happen overnight, developing a practice that works for you, creates new habits that align with your personal and professional goals.

Has someone who seems like they have it all together inspired you? Have you witnessed someone change the trajectory of their life with a few simple lifestyle modifications? Have you ever considered that your own personal reflection and mindfulness practices change how people look, see, feel and experience life with you?

Change isn’t an easy road, but when you break it down into digestible pieces it becomes achievable. Be open to doing new things. Try something different to see if it helps inspire you to keep going. Continue doing it and see if others notice your behavior patterns and energy shifts you give off. Now is the perfect time. What do you have to lose?

Join The Live Authentically Podcast show with host Pamela Savino, as she speaks with Kelly Barron, a meditation practitioner and teacher at UCLA as they discuss how applying intentional focus and meditative movements to your day-to-day routine will transform the person you are today. Changing you into a source of inspiration for others.