Episode 26: Using Trauma As A Treatment For Transformation with Sue De Luca

When we hear the word “trauma,” more times than not it’s associated with something bad that’s happened, or is currently happening, in our lives. No one can escape some type of trauma throughout their lives. It could be losing a loved one, having to make an unexpected decision, losing a job, or putting down a beloved pet. One of the most significant losses we will experience is when we feel that we can’t be or are scared to be our true, authentic selves. Just as people are unique, so are the journeys we each embark on.

Sue De Luca was raised in a religious community where she never quite felt at home. As the years went by, she began to realize her roots ran deeper, and broader, than any specific religion. It was those moments, that she began paving her path forward into true authentic living. 

“Spirituality is about meaning. The meaning that we take from things and what we bring to our lives and to other people’s lives. It’s a connection to something bigger than us and this world, and is available to everyone.”

Sue knew she wanted to help people, so she volunteered at a local domestic violence and rape support center. As a result, Sue decided to go back to school and become a certified therapist and licenced social worker to help victims with trauma recovery. Working with people who experienced such primal pain, made Sue realize that this was not something she could do and maintain a positive outlook once she became a mother herself. As a result, she shifted her focus to support those she could resonate most with, the LGBTQ community.

Sue focuses on self-discovery and trauma recovery for adolescents, teens and their families within the greater Chicago area LGBTQ communities. As a lesbian, mother, and social worker, Sue finally found her people and has spent the greater part of 20 years supporting them.

Have you ever asked yourself, “who is my best self, or who do I want to be as I move into the world?” Think about your answers and then ask yourself, am I answering from the heart or the mind?

Join The Live Authentically Podcast show with host Pamela Savino, as she speaks with Sue De Luca, licenced therapist and social worker. They discuss how trauma can help facilitate in the treatment and transformation to living authentically, specifically within the LGBTQ communities.