Energize Your Personal and Professional Success With Confidence

Have you ever found it challenging to stand in your value and hold out for what you deserve?

Knowing your worth is an inside job.  You’ve got to really believe in who you are, what you’re about and be confident in what you bring to the table.

The reality is that the world responds to how we feel about ourselves, so in order to claim what we’re worth and what we deserve, we need to get clear on what it is that we truly want and have the confidence and belief that we can have it.

The key is to never settle.

This week, I’m going to share a personal experience that shows how I learned to stand in my value in business.  

The moment I did, everything started to shift.  I was on a whole new trajectory.

I remember the day I almost got my first paid client like it was yesterday.

I say “almost” because I chose to pass up the opportunity.

For background, I spent the early years of my business creating content – my website, podcast, book, courses, videos, building my audience, and working with practice clients.  As much as I could have stayed holed up in that cozy little creative space forever, it was time to get out there and start working with clients.

This was a whole new space, and quite frankly, I had a fair bit of fear and self-doubt.  “Do I really know my stuff?  Will people want to work with me?  How will I handle rejection?  What if someone has an issue I can’t help them with?”

But mixed in with all that was a little excitement, as my first client who wanted to work with me on a paid basis stepped forward.

I was about to sell my very first package of 3 sessions for $135.  I was over the moon!  I left my business managers a message letting them know the great news.  “I got my first client today!” I said.  “Only thing is that she wants $15 off, which is no big deal.  I mean, what’s $15?  A trip to Starbucks?”

They left me a message back saying they wouldn’t be so quick to accept.  “Do you think you aren’t worth the price you’re charging?  Do you think allowing yourself to be devalued from the get-go will result in the best possible outcome?”

“It’s not about the dollar amount; it’s about the principle,” they said.  “You want to work with people who value you and what you bring to the table.”

My business managers had me thinking about it from a different perspective.  I was starting to understand the idea of self-worth, and now I had the opportunity to put it into practice.

As sad as I was to pass up the opportunity because I really wanted to help, I knew that, first and foremost, I needed to honor and value myself, and that’s what I did.

From that moment on, I have been confident that I could attract whatever is in my highest good and the highest good for all.  That’s an intention I put out there every single day and it’s what allows me to relax and trust the process.

Anyone can do this if they claim their worth and hold out for what they deserve. 

Settling for things that aren’t congruent with who we are is coming from a place of fear – that there’s not enough, fear that we aren’t enough, amongst other fears.

When you choose an abundant mindset and believe there’s enough health, wealth, and love to go around for everyone, your whole reality will shift.

In what areas of your life are you not claiming what you deserve, and what needs to change in order to get there?  Let’s chat.  I got you.