Conscious Parenting: How To Become an Evolved Leader

What a pivotal time in history we are living in.

We’re seeing changes in how people work and live as old paradigms are breaking down and giving rise to newer, more progressive ways of doing and being.

The arena of parenting offers fertile ground for growth and transformation and can even propel us into more evolved styles of leadership if we allow our parenting experiences to be teaching tools.

The “do it because I said so” old-school parenting styles don’t fly anymore.  The “kids are seen and not heard” days are over.  The “ask your elders because they have all the answers” is no longer relevant.  We are living in conscious times.

Kids today are growing up in a different era. They have access to more information, understand a different language, have a better sense of empowerment, have more choices, and have tools to communicate their viewpoints and find their voice.

This isn’t to say that kids should be left to their own devices because they have more access.  In many respects, much the opposite; they need guidance now more than ever to help them sift through the sea of content to help them determine what’s relevant, healthy, productive and useful, and ultimately aligned with who they are.

How do we do this?  Through being present and having connected conversations with a backdrop of growth.

As we allow our parenting style to evolve and keep pace with the changing times, so can our leadership skills outside the office.

Conscious parents and conscious leaders know that asking powerful questions that run deep is key to moving through any situation.

And a growth-based mindset allows room for the teacher and the student to trade places.  Sometimes my kids learn from me.  Sometimes I learn from my kids.

The same ideology can be carried over into the work environment.  Sometimes the team learns from the leaders.  Sometimes the leaders learn from the team members.

When we’re open-minded and humble enough to allow all of our life experiences and those with whom we share them to inform our worldview and how we show up, we expand our perspective immensely and invite more compassion and fulfillment.

I’d love to hear about your experience. 

Leaders – what’s one thing you’ve learned from your team members?

And parents – what’s one thing you’ve learned from your kids?

Grab a time, and let’s chat about how you can live and lead from a more conscious place.