Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You

We recently introduced the concept of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. 

As a review, we all have divine masculine and divine feminine energies within us, and when these energies are balanced, we achieve a state of wholeness and completion.  

It feels incredibly empowering when you achieve this state and realize you don’t have to rely on anything outside of yourself to provide what you want and need.

A few weeks ago, we talked about energy imbalances and how to recognize them.  What did you learn about yourself over the last few weeks?

This week, we will dive into how to awaken the divine masculine within you.  I’ll give you some tips for recognizing imbalances and ideas for what you can do to awaken your divine masculine.

Divine masculine involves the following:

  • Doing
  • Providing
  • Producing 
  • Protecting
  • Logic
  • Goal-oriented
  • Giving
  • Controlling
  • Competition
  • Analysis
  • Motion
  • Action
  • Being more closed
  • Forcing

The ideal place of balance is a blend of both masculine and feminine energies. And it takes some finesse to get there.

We can experience tremendous growth when we balance our energies because we change the way we live, our habits, behaviors, and thought patterns.

Before we dive into the masculine energies, consider if you took the time to reflect on the self-awareness questions in the newsletter called “Your Balanced Energies Make You Whole.”  Now would be a great time to revisit your reflections.

How To Recognize Energy Imbalances

You may need to awaken the divine masculine energy within you if you are in your divine feminine most of the time.  Here are some real-life examples of the divine feminine being overactive:

  • You aren’t feeling motivated.
  • You don’t set goals for yourself.
  • You are “in your head”.
  • You are passive most of the time.
  • You make decisions purely on emotion; rather than facts.
  • You rely solely on intuition.
  • You don’t rely on logic and reason.
  • You are sedentary most of the time.
  • You are a people pleaser.
  • Competition doesn’t motivate you.
  • You always want others to protect you.
  • You are overly emotional.
  • You follow others most of the time.
  • Physical-world matters have little significance to you.
  • You hardly ever measure success by metrics.
  • You enjoy receiving more than giving.
  • You take the backseat too often.
  • You allow others to influence you too much.
  • You’re okay with waiting around.
  • You relax and sleep a lot.
  • You haven’t found your voice.

If you identify with some or most of the items on this list, it’s okay.  Wherever you are is where you’re meant to be.  The first step is becoming self-aware, and then you’ll have more clarity about how to rebalance energies.

If you can identify with a lot of the behaviors on this list, then you may be wondering, “How do I incorporate more masculine energy?”

The next section will show you how.

How To Awaken the Divine Masculine Within You

The divine masculine is all about making stuff happen. It’s the “figure it out and get it done” kind of energy.

If you feel like you need a little more divine masculinity in your life, you could consider trying the following:

  • Set a goal for yourself.
  • Practice becoming more assertive.
  • Try a competitive activity.
  • Track your progress.
  • Try applying logic and reason.
  • Speak up.
  • Provide something for someone else.
  • Take the lead on a project.
  • Look for ways to give to others.
  • Engage in physical activity.
  • Look for ways to be more orderly.
  • Start a common interest group.

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