Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You

Last week, we introduced the concept of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies. As a refresher, we all embody divine masculine and divine feminine energies in varying degrees, and when the energies are balanced, we achieve a state of wholeness and completion.  

When we achieve this state of wholeness and completion, we will have everything we need within us and will not feel the need to look outside of ourselves for happiness and fulfillment.

This week, we will explore the topic of the divine feminine in greater depth.  Then, I’ll give you some tips for recognizing imbalances and will give you ideas for what you can do to awaken the divine feminine within you.

When I think of the divine feminine energy, I think of intuition, creativity, emotion, receiving, being, softness, focusing on the journey, nurturing, still/tranquil, sensitivity, being more open, and flowing.

When I think of the divine masculine energy, I think of logic, goal-oriented, giving, doing, controlling, providing, protecting, competition, analysis, motion, action, being more closed, and forcing.

The ideal place to be is to have a blend of both masculine and feminine energies. It takes some finesse to get there.

We can experience tremendous growth when we work to balance our energies because we are changing the way we live, our habits, behaviors, and thought patterns.

Before we dive into the feminine energies, I’m wondering if you took the time to reflect on the self-awareness questions in last week’s newsletter.  This would be a great time to revisit your reflections.

How to Recognize Energy Imbalances

You may need to awaken the divine feminine energy within you if you are in your divine masculine most of the time.  Here are some real-life examples of the divine masculine being more dominant than the divine feminine:

  • You are “in your head.” 
  • You don’t know how to tap into your intuition.
  • You use logic and reason to make decisions and don’t trust your gut.
  • You are in constant motion.
  • You are most comfortable when you are controlling.
  • You don’t take time for creativity.
  • You feel competitive most of the time.
  • You feel the need to protect.
  • You are closed off to your feelings.
  • You have a firm approach.
  • You are more focused on the physical world.
  • You look to material possessions as an indicator of success.
  • You enjoy giving more than receiving.
  • You tend to force things, rather than let them unfold.
  • You tend to be impatient and want results right away.
  • You have a hard time relaxing.

Remember this has everything to do with awareness and nothing to do with judgment. The whole idea here is for you to recognize your tendencies and patterns so you can take steps toward more balanced energies.

If you can identify with a lot of the behaviors on this list, then you may be wondering, “How do I reign those in?  How do I incorporate more feminine energy?”

This next section has ideas for things you can do to start to awaken your divine feminine energies.

How to Awaken the Divine Feminine Within You

Here I will give you ideas for things you can start to do this week to incorporate more feminine energy into your life.  

Remember, this is a process and will take time.  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  I highly suggest that you do not try to incorporate all of the ideas this week; it will be too overwhelming and not organic.  Pick a few and see how you feel, and next week try out a few more.  The joy is in the discovering and the journey. So take the pressure off of yourself and just relax and enjoy the process.

  • Surrender – Hand it over to the universe. You don’t have to have it all figured out.  Show up every day with an open heart and open mind, ready to learn and grow, and let the universe run the show.
  • Trust the process – Have patience and trust that everything that is meant for you will be given to you in divine timing.
  • Creativity – Try something creative this week such as cooking, baking, drawing, painting, music, woodworking, photography
  • Pants detox – Some women like to do a “pants detox” – wear looser, flowing, more feminine clothing.
  • Connect with Earth – Spend time in nature. Walk barefoot.
  • Take an “information break” – Detox from technology, unplug.
  • Spent time in solitude – Get comfortable with being alone some of the time.
  • Feeling/emotion – Honor and welcome your feelings and emotions.
  • The art of conversation – Have a deep, intellectually-stimulating conversation with someone.
  • Elicit feelings and emotions in others – Ask someone how they’re feeling.
  • Create an “emotional” music playlist
  • Meditation – Become a non-judgemental observer of your thoughts.
  • Get to know your Intuition – Ask yourself, “What is my gut telling me here” several times each day.
  • Feelings check-in – Ask yourself, “How do I feel?” several times each day.
  • Create sacred space – Design your space with feminine items (flowers, nature, creative works, candles).
  • Sensuality – Have long bubble baths, fragrances, relaxing music
  • Express gratitude –  Try to find something to be grateful for in every situation.
  • Spread unconditional love, openness, and compassion.
  • Get comfortable with receiving – Allow others to do things for you.

I hope you have fun exploring the many ways to awaken your divine feminine energy.  Remember, spirituality doesn’t always have to be serious.  You’re supposed to have fun.  So approach this with a sense of adventure, curiosity, and playfulness, and I think you’ll see just how much fun growth can be.

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I hope you have an amazing week.