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Nothing sets my soul on fire like playing a role in igniting that spark in others. We all have our answers buried deep within, and sometimes need help to uncover these hidden jewels. I love the process of empowering my clients and helping them gain the courage to make decisions that bring their thoughts, actions, behaviors and beliefs into harmony. There is nothing more gratifying than working with clients to overcome the fears and doubts that have been holding them back and watching them step into a life that embodies authenticity. The journey from self-discovery to transformation is awe-inspiring and I am grateful for every opportunity I have to play a role in one’s spiritual evolution.

Mark C.

Pam is the light I've needed on my path for so long! This is something I have put off for so many years, but Pam's energy and bubbly personality helped me off the edge of the diving board. Our sessions were amazing, never a dull moment, and so genuine. Looking into Pam's eyes, seeing her huge smile and hearing the confidence and passion in her voice, gave me all the confidence I needed to begin to change. Thank you Pam.

Drew B.

Pam empowered me to find my voice again. I was going through a rough patch and couldn’t self-heal anymore. I needed someone to lift me up. I needed someone to listen without judgement and ask me those hard questions. Pam helped me find my legacy and my purpose, and find confidence and courage in my pursuit of bliss, peace, and fulfillment.

I can only say wonderful things about Pam and the work she does. I would recommend her to anyone. Before her 8-week session I couldn’t find the speckle of light to illuminate my path and by the end, I came into the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rick S.

Pamela is easy to work with because she knows what she is doing and has such a positive mindset. My confidence in her coaching soared right away. I became super motivated to do my preparation for my sessions with her. I quickly gained focus and vision for my new business to succeed. I thoroughly recommend Pamela Savino.

Heather M.

One summer day I reached out to Pam and set up that phone call that literally changed my life.
Her framework and knowledge flowed to me, and through me. I changed my world through the help of Pam and her guidance. If you're on the fence, just do it. Pam can help you navigate pretty much anything, as long as you are doing the work.

Dan M.

Before I reached out to Pam, I was in a dark place. I was depressed, feeling out of shape, my mind was clogged up with so many different stressful issues. With Pam’s help and her advice and wisdom, along with the positive reinforcement and words of encouragement, I continue on the path to a better lifestyle, cleaner living and overall mental health. Thank you Pam for opening my eyes and helping me continue through to the ultimate goal.

Boomer G.

Pamela Savino helped me find the drive and determination that was buried in the self-doubting mindset. Pamela gave me the spark, drive and passion to set goals and do better in all aspects of my life. Pamela’s life coaching style and positive energy made a tremendous difference in my new goals and ambitions. Signing up for Live Authentically will help you Soar for new horizons in your life.

Stewart T.

When I met Pam, I was at my lowest point in my life emotionally, personally and spiritually. Pam's coaching helped me to move from the past and concentrate on the present. I am in a much better place in all of these areas and I'm in a place where I want to continue to grow spiritually. She can help in so many ways, whether its routine, diet, meditation, etc. I look forward to working with her further.

Shantel A.

When I found Pamela, it was like she was standing next to me, holding my hand. She helped me work through issues that were holding me back. She guided me through creating routines that gave me time for myself, instead of continually feeling like I was just spinning my wheels and never getting anywhere. She was there through tears and setbacks, smiles and triumphs. Because of her, where I am today is so much farther than I ever would have gotten on my own. I will forever be grateful for everything Pamela has helped me accomplish.

Gretchen W.

I was seeing many synchronicities which led me to Pam's coaching. I learned a great deal while working with her, making leaps and bounds in my self healing, self actualization and purpose. Pam is the most non judgemental individual making it easy to open up. She gives the "how-to's" to the difficult questions. I am now able to wake up everyday with renewed hope of another chance to be better than I was yesterday; living my purpose that the Universe intended me to be!

Vicki M.

The several phone conferences I had with Pamela were the best calls in my life. For her young age she is full of wisdom beyond her years and very intuitive. She opened me up to what I had closed down for so long just by asking me the right questions. She helped me realize how much more I was worth to myself and people in our lives. She helps you see the light in you and how to shine bright again. She stands behind you every step of the way!!