Your Journey To Self Love

I’m so grateful that you’re here.  You showing up as you are is a powerful statement.  You’re saying “I want to learn. I want to grow. I want to become the best version of myself.”  Your willingness to show up speaks volumes about you and your commitment to growth and transformation, and I couldn’t be more honored to walk with you on your Earthly journey.

We have come to this Earth to grow and transform.  There is nothing more exhilarating than witnessing someone’s evolution, and helping others on their journey is truly what sets my soul on fire.  I’m honored that you have made the choice to be here. I’m confident that this course will play a powerful role in your transformation, and I am excited to share in this experience with you.

If you have any questions as you proceed through the course, please be sure to post them in the Facebook group and tag me, or send me an email to

Module 1 What and Why Self Love
Unit 1 What is Self-Love And Why is It Important?  
Module 2 Spirituality
Unit 1 What is Spirituality?  
Module 3 Alignment
Unit 1 Getting Connected to Your Higher Self  
Module 4 Mindset
Unit 1 Nourishing Your Body  
Module 5 Food
Unit 1 Food Is Our Fuel  
Module 6 Fitness/Exercise
Unit 1 Physical Health & Wellness  
Module 7 Self-Care
Unit 1 Nourishing Your Mind  
Module 8 Honor Who You Are
Unit 1 Design Your World With Things That Serve You  
Module 9 Self-Love In Your Daily Routine
Unit 1 How to Incorporate Self-Love Practices Into Your Daily Routine  
Module 10 Share Your Thoughts
Unit 1 Congratulations! You've Completed The Course.